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What to Do about Ageing Accounts and Debt Recovery

Past-due bills can ruin a company, if things get out of hand. When delinquent debtors refuse to pay, or cannot pay, it often requires […]

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  3 December 2013

Tips That You Can Use For Collecting Your Past Due Accounts

One of the most common reasons why small businesses often fail is slow cash flow. When the accounts receivable for a business is not […]

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  25 November 2013

The Benefits of Using a Commercial Debt Collection Service

A commercial debt collection service serves as a valuable tool when struggling to collect the debt from a customer at the retail or wholesale […]

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  16 November 2013

Trans-Tasman courts deal comes into force

Chasing debts across the Tasman and into New Zealand? In a post on 11 October it has reported that new laws have come into force […]

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  17 October 2013

Corporate insolvencies worst rate in over a decade

More than 900 businesses collapsed into external administration in June 2013 with Australian company insolvency reaching its worst point in recent history. In a […]

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  2 September 2013

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